Fresh air radio

Nick Grimshaw, Annie Mac, Chris Moyles, Johnny Vaughan, Greg James, Fearne Cotton.

Your name could one day join the above list of presenters, DJs and comedians who currently grace our airwaves on some of the most popular radio shows. They all had to start somewhere, with Grimshaw himself first finding his love and talent for the medium at university. Perhaps you could unearth your own love and talent for the craft here at Fresh Air Radio, or perhaps you already have a love for music, speech, producing or more?

If you're a great talker and enjoy conversations about a range of topics or inspiring listeners with such conversations, radio could be for you. If you've got an ear for music and love producing playlist after playlist of great music, radio could be for you. If you're engaging and fun and love working on projects with a team of like-minded people, radio could be for you. Fresh Air Radio offers an opportunity to potentially kick-start a career in media. But, aside from that, Fresh Air Radio offers you the chance to learn new skills, hone your strengths, create great content with friends and peers and have fun.



This role is to manage Fresh Air Radio and a smooth running of the station at all times.Fresh Air Radio has always been problematic so you will need to be up for the challenge. You will run into problems such as the station failing to connect to the live stream network and music not actually playing live on air, despite it playing in the station room. You will need to familiarise yourself with, at least, the basics of the station programs. You and the Head of Technical Operations will both undertake a crash course learning how to use the station.

It may seem like a good idea to leave the radio on 24/7 once you have it working properly, but this can be a problem. Like any computer, it needs to be turned off and/or rebooted every once in a while, so attentiveness and an eye for detail is key to this role.

Make sure you know what shows are going live and are scheduled. There should be pre-made playlists and shows at all times so that any time a student wants to listen to some music or a talkshow, they can. Here, time keeping, planning and creativity will all be crucial.

This should go without saying, but you should know what’s going on with each show; if there are going to be guest speakers, if there are going to be interviews and so on and so forth. With that being said, the radio can run on its own once everything is scheduled, and there will be no need to micromanage. Teamwork and a willingness to work hard yet confidently is vital.


Head of Music

The goal for radio is for students to want to listen to RSU radio the same way they would listen to Capital or BBC 1XTRA. So, by all means create your own playlists with a variety of music and tastes, but keeping it current sometimes can help to invite listeners. Find out if there are any students that know how to DJ and get them to do a live show. If you find out about any small gigs or student singers or bands in London, go to them; this could be good for the network as a whole. That group could be talked about on the radio, played on the radio, interviewed on TV and then written about in the magazine.

You will also help to create playlists and decide what will be played during 24hr shows. You will need to be a massive fan of music and open to a wide variety of music, too. You will also need to be out-going and confident and want to experiment and try new things.


Head of Marketing and Social Media

You will work closely with Fresh Networks Head of Social Media. It’s important that the radio get as much advertisement as possible, since it is one of the hardest Fresh outlets for students to engage with. So persistence, perseverance and problem-solving would be ideal in a candidate for this role.

Make sure there is always something on the Fresh Air Twitter page, which will also need a complete revamp. Follow interesting people and make sure to interact with them in addition to the students. Again, this role will require somebody out-going, confident and a lover of challenges.


Head of Podcasts

You will work closely with the station manager and on each radio show. Make sure each show is scheduled correctly. Also, help organise events like the 24hr show. Here, you will need to be an excellent time-planner and will enjoy organisational tasks and attention to deal.


Head of Interviews

This is a role to work across all three platforms. Every interview that is done should go on the radio, be transcribed for the magazine and filmed to go on the YouTube channel. The interviewees don’t have to be anyone famous, although that would be great; they just have to be interesting to students - the interviews with Brad Cohen and Sian Williams, for example. Brad is already a published author and a student at Roehampton. He is also turning his poems into a film. This is something film, creative writing and literature students would all be interested in.

Make sure to keep your ear to the ground. There are loads of interesting students on campus who would love to tell their story and who other students would find interesting. You need to be out-going and in the loop of Roehampton to know exactly what is going and what is popular. You need to be a good talker, at ease with multitasking and adaptable to a variety of tasks.


Head of Technical Operations

You will be greatly needed for radio. Unfortunately, the station is always crashing and often needs to be looked at. You will need to familiarize yourself with Myriad and Samcast. Make sure everything is up to date with payments for the system with Planet Wide Radio, and that the live streaming website always works. When anything goes wrong, the first thing to check should be the mixing table. Sometimes music isn’t playing because of something simple like the volume isn’t turned up or something is switched off. With that being said, the mixing table should be played around with and set to a good volume. It doesn’t need to be turned on and off like the computer does. You need to be a fast learner, organised, patient and unafraid of dealing with several problems at once.

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Two people on the bus texted us to say that the driver had to pull over because he was laughing too much at our show. You don’t get that on television. Plus, there are no cameras so you always look great
— johnny vaughan