Fresh air radio

Nick Grimshaw, Annie Mac, Chris Moyles, Johnny Vaughan, Greg James, Fearne Cotton.

Your name could one day join the above list of presenters, DJs and comedians who currently grace our airwaves on some of the most popular radio shows. They all had to start somewhere, with Grimshaw himself first finding his love and talent for the medium at university. Perhaps you could unearth your own love and talent for the craft here at Fresh Air Radio, or perhaps you already have a love for music, speech, producing or more?

If you're a great talker and enjoy conversations about a range of topics or inspiring listeners with such conversations, radio could be for you. If you've got an ear for music and love producing playlist after playlist of great music, radio could be for you. If you're engaging and fun and love working on projects with a team of like-minded people, radio could be for you. Fresh Air Radio offers an opportunity to potentially kick-start a career in media. But, aside from that, Fresh Air Radio offers you the chance to learn new skills, hone your strengths, create great content with friends and peers and have fun.

We are looking to expand our team in 2018 - so if you have a great idea for a show or even want to work on existing shows get in touch!


Two people on the bus texted us to say that the driver had to pull over because he was laughing too much at our show. You don’t get that on television. Plus, there are no cameras so you always look great
— johnny vaughan