Fresh Magazine invites you to begin your journalism career right here with us. The careers of so many great writers and journalists began at a university magazine or paper and this is your chance to follow in that vein. If you dream of becoming the next film critic for Empire, the next sports writer for BBC Sport, the next editor of Vogue, the next anything in journalism, then join the Fresh Magazine team and start putting pen to paper and fingers to keys.

If you enjoy writing, reading, editing, designing and working with a team as well as independently to help produce great content and great material, this opportunity is too good to ignore. This offers the chance to start building towards a number of careers in journalism, publishing, designing, marketing and more. If you want to learn new skills, you can. If you want to improve on existing skills, you can. If you want to try something new or further develop an interest, you can. If you want to join our Fresh Magazine team, you can. Take a look at the roles below and apply.




Editor-in-chief will look over all articles that are submitted. Keep in contact with the Fresh Manager; often, emails are sent that give students the opportunity to conduct interviews or participate in things around campus. All of these are good to have in the magazine. There should be at least 2 to 3 articles a week submitted and uploaded to the website. The editor will also write articles themselves when there is a lack of participation or contribution. It will be difficult at times to get students to write or submit their articles in a timely fashion. In these cases, the editor will pick up the slack. There should be 3 magazines in the academic calendar year. Make sure you know when there are major events going on around campus, as this is the best time to hand out and distribute magazines - when students buy tickets from Kate or at ReFreshers fair, for example. Make sure every student that comes to collect something gets a magazine, even if they don’t want it.


Head of Marketing and Social Media

This person will distribute the magazines to all campuses. Queens building and the library are major hubs for writing and media students.


Head of Design and Publishing

Head of Design should know the basics of Adobe InDesign. Take inspiration from other magazines and university publications. Upload the finished magazine to the RSU Issuu account - Issuu is an online publication account where the magazines are uploaded and archived. Ask Jonas about this. Only those who Jonas gives the account details to will need them.

It is important to be organised. It’s difficult to create and manage a good magazine, especially when work is submitted late from students. Make sure you have given yourself ample time to complete the magazine. It takes about two weeks for the magazine to come back from print.  Make sure the magazine is engaging, meaning it should have activities for students to do. Puzzles, quizzes, horoscopes, listicles etc.


To apply for any role, go to the 'get in touch' page.


I believe that good journalism, good writing, can help to make the world a better place
— Christiane Amanpour