Why Young People Should Vote in the General Election

by: Arno Bryant

What are your plans for June 8th? Nothing? Wrong, you're going to go out and vote! I can totally understand why you might not want to, politics at the moment is a smouldering pile of flaming excrement. Faced with none stop news footage of Theresa May responding to every question with "I am a strong and stable leader", you might be forgiven for turning off, but don't.

Since 1992 voting levels among young people have collapsed and now over 65s are almost twice as likely to vote as 18-24s; a trend which hasn't gone unnoticed. Although politicians might claim that they work for the whole population, politics is a world of winners and losers. Each new spending pledge must be balanced by either cuts or tax increases. Now, because young people vote in such small numbers, politicians have discovered that they can gain easy votes by pandering to the elderly while disregarded the young. So they tell us that we have to pay £9000 a year for our education, but elderly people can have free personal care. They say that they have to cut housing benefits for young people while giving the elderly free public transport. They say that they can no longer afford to support disadvanced students with maintenance grants but there's plenty of money to buy everyone over 75 a tv licence.

We've had £30m taken away from student disability allowances but millionaire pensions still get their heating costs subsidized. Even the new living wage includes an exemption for people under 25 because apparently, we don't have living costs. And now we're heading into an election where the main two political parties are supporting a so-called 'Hard Brexit', removing our rights to live and work in 27 of world's most prosperous countries in the process, despite the fact that 75% of young people voted Remain.

I know voting is a pain, and that Storage Wars marathon is captivating but we can't afford to take a back seat when it comes to deciding our future. One recent poll claimed only 1/7 under 24s would vote in this election. If that's the case the next five years are going to be completely horrendous.

On June 8th the country goes to the polls, this time let's make sure we join them.

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