There's A Contest For Anything: Weirdest Contests You Didn't Know About

Who doesn’t love a bit of weird every once in a while. People have been participating in odd competitions since the dawn of mankind. From throwing things to win a women’s hand in marriage to growing the longest beard, just for the fun of it. You would think we have evolved and found better things to do without free time… think again. Here are a few of the weirdest competitions around the world that might make you scratch your head.


Do nothing contests

Exactly what it sounds like, this annual competition held in South Korea is a competition to see who can do nothing…the most. They measure each participants heart rate, and whoever has the slowest wins. In a world where people are too connected to their phones, this could be a refreshing thing to do. But be careful not to relax too much and fall asleep, because that would be doing something.


Rock Paper Scissors

Probably ever child favourite game at some point in their life. It’s a simple, yet competitive game. Many big decisions have been made using Rock, Paper, Scissors. So why not turn it into a competition played in various country. And who wouldn’t want be a winner with a cash prize of $10,000. Sign me up!


Toe Wrestling

Bit gross. This one is definitely not for everyone. Believe it or not its been around since the 70’s, and has become so popular that people have asked for it to be included in the Olympics. I mean… each to their own but i'm not sure id be able to watch this after watching the Divers or 200 sprint. Competitors have to have their toes inspected and given the OK from a nurse. So I guess that’s…something.

Air sex

Probably the funniest competition anyone will ever watch. Obviously not really to be taken seriously, but… yea so there's an air sex competition. Feel free to participate and have all your friends record you. You might break the internet. Might not.


Baby jumping

I mean...really? So this competition comes out of Spain. What happens is, a man jumps over 10 babies. It's  called Wl Colacho and they do this to “ward off evil”. While this is all happening the parents of the child are probably just crossing their fingers and hoping for this best.

humankind has come a long way, yet we still find ways to do the most primitive things for entertainment. Most of its for a laugh though... unless they want to ward off spirits like Spain...



Honourable Mention:

Unemployment Championship

This event was started in New York in 2009, in response to the rising rate of unemployment and is ridiculous. A former computer programmer decided to create this event to lift the spirits of all the people who are unemployed. Over 20 people participated in games such as ‘pin the blame on the boss’, ‘office phone skee-ball’ and the ‘You’re fired’ race. Its an official thing. You can look it up. Hopefully there are no repeat competitors.


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