Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2: Review

Word by: Harry Venables


The film starts off reasonably close to where we last left the team in the first film. The guardians are now recognised by Xandar and most part of the galaxy for being heroes. They now act as a sort of bounty hunting anti-hero group.

Overall the movie was enjoyable. Baby Groot was a clear fan favourite and a lot of the films core humour revolved around him being more of a burden to the group rather than an actual asset. Like a team of spies having to look after a baby while working, it’s good comedy. Drax also had some awkwardly funny moments with Mantis, a new addition to the group. Throughout the movie there are great character developments the audience will appreciate.

The jokes were no doubt the films greatest aspect, but also occasionally held it back massively. Guardians of the galaxy is a colourful and humorous 80’s themed escape that sets it apart in the Marvel Universe. Although Chris Pratt is great comedically, the film struggled at times to not be cheesy. There’s a crucial moment that shatters our hearts and makes the whole audience stunned with emotion, and in a split moment it’s ruined with a cheesy joke about David Hasselhoff. The connection to the character the audience felt is dissolved, rendering the film back into a 2 hour long gag contest.

Due to being set in the galaxy the film heavily references Star Wars in my opinion. There are scenes during the film that hint to this. Spaceships flying through a meteor shower, a lonely planet where a young man learns about his inner power, and having destroy something while trying to escape unscathed, sound familiar?  All of these are performed with a subtle genius and a nod to the star wars franchise.

I think it’s fair to say the task of topping the last films soundtrack would be near impossible, but James Gunn still managed to deliver a quality playlist with the new tape. Unfortunately Bowie was meant to make a second appearance but didn’t get the chance. It was heard that Gunn had to delete the scene that it was played, in order to make room for other important things that took place in the film.

As for the villains, it was not satisfactory. The main villain is god like and the side villain packs a punch, yet they never truly get to show that power. A lot of the danger surrounding the Guardians didn’t feel like an actual threat where both sides can get hurt. We watch superhero films for the main event, the grand showdown at the end between the hero and the villain, and in my opinion there wasn’t one, or at least one we’ve come to expect with Marvel. Furthermore we see a well-known side villain from the comics, known for being quite barbaric and generally kick-ass, rendered to 10 minute of screen time. We never once see him do anything, instead of have him get made fun of.

Finally the end credit scene, one of the most anticipated parts of a Marvel film. It remains based within the films surroundings, and it sets a nice seed for the future, giving us some information that will make Marvel comic fans scream and the rest say, ‘’I don’t understand?’’. Overall I would recommend this film to your average Joe as a great superhero comedy with lots of colourful characters and planets, but a deep Marvel fan may be disappointed. 

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