Last minute registration

Over the weekend the BBC has reported that the number of young people to register to vote is the highest in any age group. Over two million people have register to vote in the general election on 8th June.

Although it is great to see young people are coming together and taking an active part in shaping the future of this country, there are still millions of unregister individuals. According to the Electoral Commission, about seven million people that can register have still not gotten around to do so.

The deadline for registration is at midnight tonight. Be an active part of change and get you’ve voice heard. Like many deadlines, it is expected that there will be a spike in registrations today. Over 714,000 young people under 25 have registered according to Independent. This is fantastic news, however there is still a significant generational divide. We as young people need to care about this election just as much as the older generation.

Today at 5 in Monte Hall, members of staff and students will simultaneously be live on Facebook talking about the importance of registering. If you are unable to make it to the live event in Monte Hall, you can always participate in the comfort of your dorm room. Registering takes about 5 minutes, its easier than filling out the shipping information for your ASDA delivery.

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