Hidden Treasures of London

Looking for something new to do on your days off without going into central? How about going indoor rock climbing! Tucked in the back of a parking lot in Parson Green is where you’ll find the Climbing Hangar. For £6.50 you can give it a try and experience something new with friends. The centre provides climbers with kit such as chalk and shoes for hire if needed for £3. Additionally there are three floors with over 100 routs for different levels of climbing experience. Don’t worry about having to go home smelly after a long climb, take a shower and change into something fresh. If that wasn’t enough hospitality, enjoy some fresh coffee or a soft drink! Spring is fast approaching so get out there and try something new. Its always fun to try something new. The Climbing Hanger also give student discounts, so make sure you show that Roehampton ID.

Fresh Network member Malika took a trip to the Hanger and rates it a 4 out of 5. "I've never been before but i had an amazing time. And it wasn't hard". Everyone is there for the same reason, so dont feel like you'll look silly. Members of staff also get in on the fun every so often providing advise to climbers. Give it a try, you might add this to your list of hobbies.


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