Body Positivity

There is a wave of positivity swirling in the atmosphere. Men and women all over the world are standing up for one another and changing the social norms of what a desirable body should look like. Hashtags like #allbodiesaregoodbodies and #EffYourBeautyStandards have gained popularity online, and for good reason. But with all the good vibes in atmosphere, it’s still hard for some to show self-love and identity with people they see in the media. It is important that we don’t forget that body positivity is and will always be an important subject that will need to be revisited occasionally.

Artist such as Lizzo are doing just that and making sure her fans, no matter their size, remember they are beautiful in the skin they’re in. As a singer/song writer, she has gained popularity online with her music and her music videos. One such video for her song coconut oil features an all plus size cast of girls dressed to resemble goddesses. Her Empowering song “Good as Hell” found a place on the Barbershop: The Next Cut soundtrack. Additionally, In a recent article the Lizzo said her song Scuse me was “a celebration of body. When I wrote this song I wanted to immortalize my curves”. As a Black plus sized singer Lizzo is a much needed breath of fresh air in an industry that feature a majority of women who definitely aren’t plus sized or of ethnic background. Everyone should embrace their curves or lack of. Let us not forget that there are also those that cannot gain weight.

Here are a few individuals that are doing their part for the body positivity movement that you may not know of.

1)      Kripa Joshi. Comic artists and illustrator Kripa Joshi is the genius behind Miss Moti, “an ordinary woman with an extraordinary imagination”. Miss Moti came to life through Joshi’s struggle with weight.

2)      Kieraplease. This Instagram sensation is becoming best known for her cosplay, showing that there is a space for black girls in anime as well. Not only is she letting her melanin shine, but shes embracing her curves and the internet loves it all.

3)      Joanna Thangiah. Another popular instagramer, Joanna Thangiah is an illustrator and artist who says a big HELL NO to body shaming, homophobia, or any kind of judgment. She sells her art on her website worldwide, so check out her page and maybe make a purchace.


4)      Frances Cannon. Sometimes simple is better. Cannon’s simple drawing about self-love and body positivity are so loved that people even get them tattooed. And guess what, she created a colouring book. You can purchase merchandise on her website of course.


Lets not forget all the felas  out there. Men feel the same insecurities that women do about their image. Its clear that the body positive movement for women has had great effects on society and there have been wonderful changes. Popular magazine such as Glamour have featured articles about plus sized women like Ashley Graham taking the fashion industry by storm. Making it a priority that women are at a certain wait to walk the runway in order to promote a healthier diet amongst models. But with all this love for the female form, we mustn’t forget about the guys out there. So here are a few men who are standing up for Male body positivity.

Sione Kelepi, who gained mass popularity with his dancing on the Vine app and later showed off his moves in Meghan Trainor’s music video for “All About That Bass.

Zach Miko, IMG’s first plus sized model for their Brawn division.

Matt Joseph Diaz who represent a small percentage of individuals who have lost a mass amount of weight and have to live with excessive amount of skin. He is the body positive activist some people need who are going through the same journey of self love.

Also, have a look at this wonferful article. Buzzfeed took pictures of guys that wanted to show that they too could love all their curves and overcome their insecurities.


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