Eco-Friendly yet fashionable

Adidas are doing their part to help save the planet we all love so much. The company partnered with Parley to launch their first ever eco-friendly trainers called the Ultra Boost X Shoes. These trainers are made from the plastic waste and fishing nets that is dumped into our oceans daily. Both companies are proving that waste does not have to stay waste. We can take a stand and help to save marine life while simultaneously not changing much in our lives. All it takes for this project to work is to make the conscious decision to buy a pair of cool shoes.

This is not the first time the Parley Company has actively taken a stand against ocean pollution. They have a swimming collection made from recycled ocean plastic. Additionally the company are supported by Olympic bronze medalist and ocean activist Coralie Balmy.

“From the ocean, for the ocean”

With all the Facebook videos of people helping our oceans friends such as turtles and whales, we can now do our part in reshaping the oceans too, by simply purchasing products from a company that is stepping up to ocean pollution.

Plastic is put into the ocean that is then eaten by the fish that we consume.

The recycling process from ocean to finished product takes 4 steps. Firsts the waste is fished out of the ocean. Then that waste is mechanically and chemically stripped down to its origins. After this comes the threading. Once at its original state the waste is regenerated into Econyl Nylon Yarn. This is a yarn that can be infinitely regenerated without losing its integrity or performance. The last step is the most rewarding, weaving the yarn into a beautiful fabric.

Football Clubs Real Madrid CF and Bayern Munich have also joined the movement by having shirts made from the Parley Ocean Plastic

When it comes to eco-friendly missions like this, often individuals shy away from participating for a few reasons. They may be asked to change their life style or create an account that takes money once a month, or maybe the product is just ugly. Adidas X Parley is none of the above. It’s a onetime purchase of a beautiful product that you would be happy to show off to your friends and family.

Do your part while still staying stylish. Check out the website

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