A Spot For Vegans.

Being a vegan cant be easy. You volunteer to make it nearly impossible to go out for dinner with your carnivorous friends because your that guy. Vegans do not consume anything that contains animal products. So no fish, milk, delicious Greek yogurt, honey, haribos or even some wines or beer. The term "lets go out for dinner" is never a simple thing.

According the the UKs Vegan Society, at least 542,000 people in Britain now follow the vegan diet. In recent years individuals have become more aware of living a healthy lifestyle by eating better and working out. Companies such as Beyond Meat have developed ways to satisfy meat lovers without the meat. The world is making progress and London is part of it.

We here at Fresh Network know how hard it is to eat healthy on campus and around London. We want to make it just a little bit easier for you guys to enjoy a more than decent meal without ordering the salad . Here are a few amazing places around London that are sure to have you coming back for more.


 Andina (Shoreditch) mon-fri 8-11pm, sat-sun 10-11pm £££

 Andina is a Peruvian- inspired restaurant with a menu so colourful you might think you tasted the rainbow. Andina features street foods, great beverages including cocktails, and refreshing desserts fit for a vegan royal. So get to Shoreditch, have some great food and explore all the other cool venues the place has to offer.



Farmacy (Royal Oak) 8-11pm mon-fri 10am-11pk sat 7pm sun £££

Probably the swankiest vegan restaurant around. If Audrey Hepburn was a vegan and in her 20’s, I have a feeling this would have been her favourite place to brunch. The Farmacy takes as much pride In the presentation of their dishes as they do in the actually flavouring of their food. This is definitely a cool place to eat with friends if you want to get a little bit fancy but still be good to your body.



Riverside Vegetaria

You don’t have to go too far to get great healthy food. Take a trip to Kingston’s Riverside Vegetaria and enjoy some delicious vegan picks. The restaurant also has an extensive menu that feature plenty of gluten and wheat free dishes.



Vito (Oxford)

 In the heart of London right on Oxford Street is where you’ll find this gem. Unlike most restaurants, you actually pay for the amount of food you get. Meaning you can pile your dish high with all your favourite things, weigh it, and then pay. It’s the perfect buffet for vegans. Vito are proudly gluten, vegan and refined sugar free. Enjoy city life and pay them a visit for some good fresh foods.



The Hive. (Digby Square) 8:30- 4 weekdays

Why even leave campus. The hive serves delicious fresh food during the week as well as fresh coffees. Enjoy fresh veg that is grown right here on campus. Not only is the hive just a cool place to relax with friends or work on assignments, every sandwich that is bought there provides a meal for a child in a developing country. So eat healthy and be good to your body while knowing you are also helping someone in need.


Fresh Network