University Mental Health Day

Today at Roehampton, students celebrated University Mental Health Day. This day is a country wide campaign run by young people, and a charity that supports students with mental health issues. Roehampton chose to anonymously leave sticky notes with words of possitivity around the campus to show their support. The Student Union also used the hashtag #UniversityMentalHealthDay under their own words of support for students with mental health issues.

It isn't always easy to identify a person that needs help, even if they are a a close friend. It is important to make students more aware of mental health issues and get those that need help whatever support that's necessary.

This is how how the university took part is Mental Health Day and spreading positivisty. Be kind to others and treat them the way you want to be treated.

In addition to these photos, the University also released two videos, one asking individuals when was the last time they cried, and the other about staying active.

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