Weird News: Around The World


With all the talk about Trump, American’s have turned to their personal health and fitness to lessen the panic they feel about their governmental downfall. Their healthy trends coupled with monster freakshakes have led to an unexpected outcome: The United States has now grown too many sweet potatoes. You heard that right, folks. America has overcompensated for your #foodporn #health Instagram posts and massive plates of not-so-unhealthy chips with an overabundance of sweet potatoes.  Producing 3.1 billion pounds of these orange veggies, farmers have been forced to export about 11% of it to Europe…more for us!



It seems as though every human being has ‘See the Northern Lights’ on their bucket list, and it deserves the trip – especially now that they’re making noise. Tour Guide Oliver Wright described what he heard as ‘Star Wars blasters’ in Abisko, Sweden. Just one of many people hearing these strange sounds, it’s been discovered that recordings of these “crackling, clapping, popping, booms” are quite common over in Lapland, louder in more intense displays of the aurora borealis. So if you’ve still not seen these crazy lights, head on over to catch a glimpse and experience some real-life Star Wars. Who knows, maybe Chewbaccaa will make an appearance.



If you’ve ever wondered what the harm is in making verbal bets, here’s your proof: Model Paola Saulino, 27, pledged to give a blow job for every ‘No’ vote in the Italian referendum, and is now putting her money where her mouth is (and a few other things as well). She’s currently suffering from ‘jaw ache’ and time crunches, needing to get through a whopping 19,419,507 blow jobs to complete her promise. Luckily, she’s been introduced to the worlds only bionic penis, otherwise known as Mohammad Abad, who was fitted with a £70,000 bionic penis in 2012. The question remains, though, if she’ll be proud of her accomplishment when the time finally…comes.



Looking for a place to escape all your problems? Mars might be the answer – in 2100. Nasa has developed a new strategy to warm up the planet, altering the planet’s atmosphere with a giant magnet that would protect from the sun’s harmful radiation.  Coupled with inflatable structures orbiting the planet, Mars could conceivable become the world’s new best vacation destination. This is “not terraforming [where they] actually artificially change the climate” but nature will be propelled along with science to create a human-safe Mars. Only problem? Tickets might be a tad expensive.

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