CV Tips From Fresh Network

Keep it real

  • Definitely do NOT lie on your CV. If there is a program you do not know how to use, its better to say you dont know how to use it but you are willing to learn. Once hired they will eventually find out you lied, and it will not turn out well for yourself.

Keep it current

  • Keep things that you did in high school out of your CV unless it has to do with the job role or unless its very important. Meaning if you worked for an MP in high school, or ran the business club. If you worked at Boots for 2 years when you were 16 I dont think your future employers would care that much.

No mistakes

  • Nothings worse than reading something with spelling mistakes. Employers have to go through many CVs, if yours has any spelling mistakes in it that might send your application to the bottom of the pile.

Make it look good

  • If your applying for a job, assume 100 other people are going for the same role. You have to make yours CV stand out from the rest. If your going for a media position, show them what you can do by creating a cool website to attach to your standard CV. Make it memorable.

Keep It Short And Sweet

  • Remember they dont really have time to waste so they want to know the best things about you quickly. Try to keep your CV to one A4 page. Use bullet points lighting and stay away from paragraphs. short and sweet. Think of a speed date, they dont want to know about the time you learned to ride a bike, they'd rather know about when you cycled in Tour De France.

Tailor To The Role

  • This should be an obvious one. If your going to a job in a dance company dont give them the CV you used to get your job at the Union Bar. You should have 2 CVs: one for internships and one for full time work. This makes it a lot easier when applying for jobs. Also have a few cover letters to pick from, that way you dont have to worry too much.


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