GaGa on the Edge


After last years incredible half time performance, how do you make sure you stand out? Jump of the friggin roof of the NRG Stadium that’s how.

In true Lady Gaga fashion, the show started off with a bang. While performing her rendition of “God Bless America”, she synchronised 300 drones behind her to create a spectacle in the sky. Giving the illusion that she commanded the stars themselves, it really set the tone for the rest of her performance. And then the leap of faith. Literally.

She was on the edge, but her poker face gave no signs of her being scared of the 79m decent. She was born that way after all. I hope no one had any important telephone calls during the show, because you wouldn’t want to miss a thing. Everyone just danced, she gave us a millions reasons to love her performance. This was no bad romance.

Other than delivering a show stopping performance, viewers couldn’t get over the bungee jump off the roof of the stadium. In true millennial fashion, memes were born. And this is why we cant have nice things.

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