Don’t Wait Till Graduation To Get Stuck in

It’s no secret that graduating is one of the most exciting times in a young persons’ life. But it’s also a scary realisation that the safety net that has been under you for the past 21+ years is now gone. Although employment rates in the UK has risen to 74.2%, the highest since 1971 according to the Department for Work and Pensions and The Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP. Students still find it hard to find work placements, internships, and full time jobs after graduation.

Keep your head up, the Fresh Magazine team is here to help. Here are a few tips from us that may prove helpful in your job search.

1)      Make yourself known to your lecturers. These individuals have connections and experience in their field. By making yourself known to them, they will be more likely to help you in your career.

2)      Get a letter of recommendation. Because you have been a student all your life, you don’t really have that much experience. Getting a letter of recommendation from lecturer or senior staff member will make you more desirable than the student apply for the same role without one.

3)      Don’t apply for jobs you can’t do. It may sound silly but sometimes it may seem easy to overlook some requirements for a job. For example, although you may have a degree in photography, does not mean you are qualified for Film management. You have no experience in film. Don’t set yourself up for failure.

4)      Start looking for work early. Don’t wait till graduation day before you start organizing your CV and looking for work.

5)      Don’t be discouraged. You might not get that dream job right away, or even get the first 5 jobs you apply for. But keep going and don’t be discouraged. Success will find you.

6)      Sign up with Unitemps. Finding a job through the University may be easier and might not feel so much like you’re jumping in the deep end.


In addition to these tips, have a look at these helpful websites. There are thousands of job opportunities waiting for you.

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