It’s that time of year again. Pancake Day has come around again to grace us with her syrupy presents? Whether it’s thin and crepe like, or thick and fluffy, we all look forward to the delicious breakfast treat and all the combinations of toppings. Being that today is Pancake Day, the only way to celebrate is with a pancake. Not sure where to get one? Not to worry, you know Fresh Network is always here for you!

 Stay on campus!

Why leave Roehampton when you can just head down to Digby Diner and get some freshly made pancakes. Just donate a little Monday and enjoy. Now till 11 so hurry hurry!


Breakfast Club

Its called Breakfast Club, so their bound to know what their doing when it comes to a breakfast meal. The well-known restaurant is back again with its 12 stack s in 12 minutes challenge. It’s all £20, and if you don’t finish it, take that bad boy home and enjoy it later. If your not up for it don’t worry, they will also be serving their usual goodness at regular price. Check it out.

The ASDA Pankcake

Keep it simple and make your own pancakes in your flat. All you need is flour, milk, and eggs. Mix it up, invite your friends and enjoy pancakes all day.


Your choice! ENJOY

Fresh Network