Yoga For The Odd Ones

Traditionally yoga has been a platform for those who want a quiet space to release their stress and become more centred. The healthy life style has seen a tremendous rise in participants of the ancient practice. According to research provided by organisations such as Bio Med Central and the Yoga Allience, the practice is constantly gaining popularity. In fact IBIS World’s research believes it will continue to grow by 4.9% each year until 2020. The rise in popularity could be the UN’s decision to designate June 21 as the national day of yoga. Let us all thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yoga has been a part of the western world for some time now, and people have found odd ways to modify the practice to match their lifestyle. Who says everything has to be traditional.

Doom Metal Yoga              

Do you like metal music? Can’t release your frustration to the sound of running water?  Doom Metal might be the yoga for you. Rock out to the heavy metal sounds of Metallica, Black Sabbath or Anthrax. Read all about it

Rage yoga

Doom Metal Yoga's older more angry brother, Rage Yoga lets you scream your way through downward facing dog. If it hurts let it out. Just broke up with your significant other, scream it out while finding your center in a room full of like minded metal yogis.

Beer Yoga

Maybe it defeats the purpose? But i mean why not! Some people like beer and yoga, combine the two and its a dream come true. Will it make it to London? Source

Bunny yoga

Mind, body and bunnies. Bunny Yoga was started by Sunberry Gym in Canada to raise money and awareness about its overpopulation of rabbits. After just two classes the gym was able to raise over $1,000. Hopefully this fluffy yoga practice makes its way across the pond. Hot Prime Minister, Welcoming to refugees, and Bunny Yoga. Canada is winning. Check it out

Goat yoga

Goats? Really? I guess goats need love too. Lainey Morse owns No Regrets Farm where the classes takes place. Last year there was a waiting list of 600 people for these odd yoga classes, now the list is over 900. Unlike most yoga classes that take place in a studio, these classes stay true to its goat roots and are hosted in a barn.  Don’t be shocked if a goes jumps on your back. Find out more


Weed Yoga

Well then, safe to say traditional yoga clearly wasn’t good enough.  But then again, technically cannabis does have relaxing properties.  Of course these types of classes are only conducted where marijuana is legal. Weed Yoga also known as Ganja Yoga was started in non-other place than California where the sun always shines and medical marijuana thrives. Puff Puff stretch



Free yoga on Sunday mornings at most lululemons. Call your nearest lemons store to find out if they participate in this amazing activity.

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