The Art Of Travel

By: Christina Valeria

Have you ever gone on Facebook to see a fellow student on a beach in sunny Spain while you’re trying to warm up with a Pot Noodle? Next thing you know you're creeping on their “Not all those who wander are lost: SPAIN 2017” album. Now you wonder how this student managed to get a fancy holiday.
Well, I’m here to fill you in with some student travel saving tips so you can be the envy of your friends too!

Coach Travel

-Look at for the best deals for coach travel. With over 50 destinations across Europe and the States, you can travel to a city for less than a curry takeout! If you are a NUS cardholder, you can get even more discounts. You can get a ride to Edinburgh, Scotland for £2.50 one way!

Hostel World

-Hostels can be magical but also very overwhelming at times. They are great for a cheap stay and a chance to meet loads of new friends! To have the best experience, make sure to look the reviews! I was spoiled with my first hostel, clean and loads of outlets for all my devices;
Then the next one was a full 18 people bedroom (NIGHTMARE TIMES 3948901328912).
Search on and make sure to look at reviews!

Fly Fly Away

-The holy grail has to be If you are a student or even a young person (16-25) you can get wicked discounts! From planes to trains, traveling cheap is made easy. You want to get a return flight from London to Chicago for £360? All things are possible with Student Universe.

Hope these student saving deals helped and keep traveling!

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