Dates Gone Horribly Wrong

The dreadful life of dating. With Valentine’s day well behind us we can, hopefully, look back and laugh at all the awkward moments we put ourselves through. The things we do for love as young people. Sometimes is good to just look back and laugh at all those awkward moments. Learn from the experiences of these brave students and go forth with confidence on your next date.



Garlic Breath

I went on a tinder date a year or more ago and on the very first date I ordered something with garlic in it. The guy goes “ewww your breath will stink” then he asked out right: “so when will we have sex” I was like “…ummm”. Then we split the bill and I left. Safe to say there wasn’t a second date.

Cat Fished

I was basically cat fished. I met this guy on Tinder, we talked for about a week or 2 before the date. Of course on Tinder you only have a picture to go off of at first, and he looked fine. But when we met for our date I realized those pictures must have been reeeeaaaallly old. He claimed to be 21 but he looked like a solid 35. But I thought, forget it I'm already here. We went for coffee. As I was getting my drink and sandwich thisman had the nerve to slip his food and drink in with my order as I'm paying! He goes "Oh thanks, I owe you". I DIDN'T OFFER SIR! I was so mad for the rest of the date, I blocked him that night.

Bloody Hell

I met a girl while touring a college campus with my family. We decided to hook up one night and while things were getting intimate, I thought it would be impressive to try a new trick. Well it didn’t work and things turned for the worst when I started bleeding everywhere! The girl literally screamed and fainted, so I thought id write her a note saying where I'd be. I actually had to get stitches. At the end of it all the girl said she didn't think it would work

Not so Subtle

I once went on a date and my 3 best mates sat at the other side of the room to make sure he wasn't a murderer. ( We met on tinder). Half way through the date I opened my Snapchat and they sent a photo of me and him sat next to each other with a love heart around us with the caption "bet he's got a big willy" written on it. He saw it...


On my most recent excursion, the guy I went out with asked me if he could buy my underwear...


Bride In Training

I dated a guy years ago 3 times from tinder. On the 3rd date he bought me a Swarovski bracelet and a dress! Then he told me he wanted to teach me how to stand straight and said on our 5th date he would need to propose.

Too Soon

I went on a first "date", I use that term loosely. Within an hour he told me that he wanted to tie me up and "do things you've never done before". I was a virgin at the time.. Date number two never came around...

Baby Fever

A guy I slept with on date numero Uno then started naming our children WHILST RUBBING MY STOMACH. Our kids were going to be called Flora and Aiden. I mean, seriously?!


This was the cutest mini golf date, it went really really well. So well in fact that he still liked me even after I'd slipped over a golf ball and managed to chuck half my drink down myself.


Last funny story I can remember is that he was exceptionally short. (5'4 tops), he could clearly tell I was a little surprised by this (that's an understatement) so he came out and asked me if I usually go for shorter guys, to which I seriously ballsed up and just said "if you have a nice hat then you can be as short as you like". Unsurprisingly we haven't met since.

Pillow Fight Gone Wrong

I took a girl to Trafalgar square's annual pillow fight, all fun and games until I made her nose bleed.


This date turned out to be way older looking than her age would suggest, her young child whom I assumed was a toddler was a straight grown ass teenager, and we sat in silence for long periods of time.

Sharing Is NOT Caring

Once my friends set me up on a date with a guy, everything went really well up until the third date. I remember mentioning that I do not kiss on the first or second date... little that I knew. He invited me over to his house for the third date. As we were eating dinner, he decided to share his dinner with his pug... by allowing him to eat from the same plate as we were eating. I ended up walking out after he started feeding the dog with his mouth! It was too much for me.

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