You Need Me: Peom by Blay Official

I know you remember when you came to me when you were at your lowest,

And You love me, that's why you always spend money on me to show it,

Maybe they weren’t around but I was, I made you feel good, the only one who understood,

And the only one that keeps your spirits high that's why you keep coming back,

Don’t listen to your friends trying to split us up, girl you know better than that,

Don’t you just love it when I'm inside you, I know you feel me all through your body,

It’s love but you're breaking down and your friends are trying to pin the blame on me,

Can’t you see, they don't want us to be together, they don't know how I make you feel,

They don’t know about the dreamland I take you to that makes you forget what's real,

Every one of your problems goes missing, yes I'm one of a kind,

Dreamed of you cheating with Mary but I don't really mind,

They say you're addicted to me and I'm not good for your health,

On a bad day who makes you feel better than myself?

How can you even think of leaving me? You’ll never find better with somebody else,

Ever thought about that? You should feel lucky that I'm giving you the time of day,

Rest your mind I know you think about me every single minute you're awake,

Over and over again, I got you thinking about our dates,

If you have no money, sell your mammas jewels, I haven’t got time to wait,

Now they saying that I'm going to be the death of you, because of what I put through, they see the scars I put on your arms, they calling it abuse,

Every good thing comes to an end, I guess you’re breaking up with me then, you promised your friends that you'll never see me again, but sadly, it's them that'll never see you again, cos you're overdosing on me right now,


Yours truly,

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