Lego Batman: Review

In true Lego Movie fashion, there adaptation of The Batman was nothing short of brilliance. There are very few movies out there that can afford to include cameos from 20+ different movies and include their main characters. But Warner Brothers managed it in spectacular form. From the opening credits, the audience knew exactly what they were getting. Lego Batman pays homage to just about all the batman villains such as Bane, Cat Women , and of course the Joker. It also includes big name villains like Voldemort and the Wicked Witch from OZ. From the boy wonders fabulous glitter cape, Batman and Jokers dysfunctional bromance, and all the jokes and popculture references in between.

Unlike the last movie Warner Brothers was involved in, instead of cramping in a bunch of big name heros and trying to give them each a story. hint hint Suicide Squad. They let Batman have all the glory. The Lego Batman movie is one that people of all ages will enjoy. So far the movie has secured a solid 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Warner Brothers hit the jackpot with this Lego thing, lets hope they don’t rinse it.

Fun fact. Ralph Fiennes is the voice of Alfred, but Voldemort, who he also famously portrays in the Harry Potter franchise, makes a few appearances in the movie. so fun.

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