No Valentin, No Problem

Nothing’s worse than being single on that very romantic day. Everyone seems to be purposefully rubbing their love in your face. It doesn’t help that the media is a constant reminder of your loneliness with cards, flowers, and restaurant discounts for couples. Valentine’s Day comes around every year like a pesky insect for some. But don’t fret, there is love for everyone on V-Day, and no one has to be alone, unless you want to.

There are plenty of places around London where you can enjoy your own company, or the company of close friends. Why let all the couples have the fun and ruin your day with their gross PDA! Here are a few options you and your pals can check out.


1)      Get out there with a group of your friends and let your inner child come out. London’s favourite adult ball pit got a revamp and is now sporting 250,000 glow in the dark balls.


2)      What about an Anti-Valentines Day party at Bounce in Soho. This bar is a great place to meet new people and have a good time with friends. This event is so popular that its hosting its 5th Anti-Valentines Day party. Safe to say this is an annual event that is here to stay.


3)      All the single ladies, all the single ladies! What single gal doesn’t want to see a beautiful, topless, glistening, hunk of a man perform? Well Below Boonacks Cinema club is showing Magic Mike.


4)      Girls night. Why not. Get your best friends together. Cook a cute meal. Buy some wine. Play some games. Maybe watch a movie.  A night in with your friends always has the potential of being the best night of your life.

Have fun. Just because your single doent mean you have to hide away on Valentines Day.

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