Treat Yo Self!


New Year new you! Well probably not but it’s definitely the year to be more selfish and do what makes you happy. Most of the world agreed that 2016 was one of the worst years ever, and with good reason. Music icons left us broken hearted, unpopular celebrities were put in power, the UK got divorced from the EU, and other horrors that would just make us cry to think about. So 2017 is going to be the year to TREAT YO SELF!

Let’s take a page out of Parks and Recreation’s Tom and Donnas book of Treat Yo Self and do just that. But how do you treat yo self? Well, let’s help you:


Uber: Who doesn’t want to be chauffeured in the back seat of a car. You’ve been taking the bus and train to work for the past few months. TREAT YO SELF! Hit the snooze button and take your time this morning. Have some breakfast, take your time getting ready. Your uber will be waiting.


Good coffee. Costa, Nero, Starbucks. All good chain coffee shops, but you’ve been wanting to try that new gourmet coffee bar down the road. TREAT YO SELF! Go get you a macchiato with coffee beans freshfrom the Himalayas!


New outfit: You’re an adult so you aren’t growing anymore and you don’t really need new cloths. But Supreme just launched their new line of bomb ass bomber jackets. TREAT YO SELF!


Movies: Odeon is so expensive! And who has time or money to go to the theatre every time a movie comes out. But Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino have collaborated on an upcoming movie that’s sure to win all the awards. If you don’t TREAT YO SELF you’re doing an injustice.


Eating out: Everyone knows that cutting down on take out can save you so much money. But you’ve been doing so well and haven’t had take out in ages! You even deleted the hungry house and just eat app from your phone. TREAT. YO. SELF! Go on a fancy date. Just do it!


Weekend trip: You’re friends have been wanting to go on a trip for a long time now, but you haven’t found time. All you do these days is eat, sleep, study repeat. You better TREAT YO SELF! Go on a weekend trip. You’re a striving journalist, think of it as an investment in your future.


Oh you wanna binge watch movies on Netflix and eat junk food just because. ummmm TREAT. YO. SELF! Taking a break from the everyday work is healthy.

Happy Treat Yo Self 2017!

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