Yoga: The Health Trent Everyone Seems to Like

A Growing Industry

Yoga has been a growing trend for some time now. So much so that it has caught the attention of many news organisations and birthed countless articles about what its good for to whom it’s good for. One such article written by Kim Painter titled Ancient practice of yoga now a growth industry, was published on the USA Today website. The article discusses the growing number of child and adult participants, stores that have begun to sell yoga supplies to accommodate for the demand, and its health benefits. The NIH’s Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health have stated that practising yoga could improve not only the overall quality of ones life, but can help with a number on mental health issues such as insomnia and depression. In addition to this the centre also says yoga may help with low heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety.


A Yoga House Near You

The House of Yoga (THOY), a fairly new established yoga house in putney, has seen tremendous growth since it opened in 2012 by founder and owner Jason Pooley. Since its newer days the yoga house has expanded, adding a new studio and a juice bar complimented by a lounge area. As soon as you walk through the doors you know exactly what you're there for. To your right are cubbies for your belongings and yoga mats to grab, and to your left is a juice bar where you can grab a fresh shake and snack while you wait, or after your class. Besides all that, you take one look around at the people their, and they've all got smiles on their faces. Just being in such an environment can calm someone down. As far as numbers go for this yoga house, Yoga Advisor and Teacher Rachel Richardson says that during the two years she has been working, membership has doubled. “people are coming more and more, and generally you can see the movement of yoga happening…everyone wanting to feel better and do more for themselves”.

Rachel recommends yoga to everyone of all ages. THOY even have a class for sleep called Yoga Nidra. Thats definitely a class anyone can enjoy after a day of lectures or meetings.


First time yogis

For someone that is interested in joining the get healthy bandwagon, but are sure about their yoga abilities, here are a few yoga moves to try. All approved by certified instructor Rachel Richardson. 


Cat/Cow Pose

 this pose is great for the spine. According to Rachel its great for waking up because yours stretching everything from your lower back all the way up to your neck. This is great for people with back problems, or for those that have been sitting at their desks all day. 


Forward Fold

This is great for runners or anyone doing at lot exercise. Our expert Rachel says however to make sure to keep the back flat and not to over do it. you can also do this standing and touch your toes.


Half Moon

This pose is mainly great for your balance and care strength. 

Fish pose

This again is good for “opening up the back”. Beginners can use a block or pillow for more support.

More advanced

To really work the belly, remove any back support and lift the legs up.


Yoga is about alignment and getting the body back how it needs to be. Something as simple as not standing straight can effect another part of your body. Everything is connected. What your spine does can effect your knees, and what your knees do can effect your feet.


The top advise Rachel has for individuals thinking about starting yoga would be to just try it out. “Throw yourself into it without judging yourself about not being able to do anything”.

Head over to The House of Yoga and take a class. There are great deals for students and first timers. The House of Yoga

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