First Day In The Office

By: Malika Kingston


Amazing! Its a strange feeling being a recent graduate and now working for the University I spent 3 wonderful years studying in. Since my first year I knew I wanted to work in the RSU as the Fresh Media intern. I made sure to get involved with everything I could. By the end of my studies I had the opportunity to interview musicians, hosted a radio show and took part in filming for various shows. Not only did I gain valuable experience but I also made great friends. It was a no-brainer that I would apply for the internship. After a powerpoint presentation, an hour long interview, and a weeks wait for an answer Im not sitting in SU as a staff member.

The first day was smooth sailing. Unlike having a first day in an office where the dress code is formal and stiff, I worse jeans and a crop top. I spend the day laughing with the other interns (who I've been friends with for a while now) and learning photoshop.  This will probably be the most creative and relaxed job I will ever have. Although my job will be regarding TV, radio and magazine I help the other interns with ideas and give my opinion on what I think would work best. And I count on their advise for what projects I want to start on. 2 heads are better than one as they say.

We all went to lunch together. Talked, joked, got to know each other and more. Everyone is excited to be here. I can tell this is going to be a fun year. I cant wait to bring my ideas to life and get students involved. Its an amazing thing to have an idea and actually be able to go through with it. Not many jobs allow that kind of freedom. Bring on the nest 10 months!

Fresh Network