Ready, Set, Grow!

Like many on campus, Growhampton kicked off the academic year with a bang during Freshers Week. Firstly we ran a student led tour of our edible campus. New students heard from one of our existing volunteers who guided them around the container garden at The Hive, the chickens, the old and new orchards and our allotment and polytunnel growing spaces. On Wednesday we did our first harvest of the year and as always picked the freshest, best vegetables ready for our big Market Day Extravaganza on Thursday. Here we set up our farmers market selling our campus grown greens along side our amazing bread angel, smoothie bike, thrift shop, bike mechanic, the feel good bakery sandwiches, chegworth valley fruit, veg and juices and the cool cats from karma cola. We had a great chat with so many students who were really surprised and impressed that here at Roehampton, we have our very own mini farmers market each and every week. Friday of course was a huge day at Freshers Fair where we had a presence both in Digby Square and up in the Freshers Village. Again we gave away many pedal powered green smoothies and promoted our market day outside The Hive, and up in the village we signed up around 150 new students to our mailing list. It was so fabulous to chat to so many different students from such diverse backgrounds and fields of study - it really was testament to how unifying food really is. We had so much interest from such wonderful people who wanted to help take care of our chickens, harvest vegetables, help in the thrift shop, photograph and blog for us and of course learn to grow! We are super excited about the year ahead and all the wonderful delicious food that we are going to grow, cook, share and eat. So get ready and get set because we are ready to grow!

Visit our website for more information, and we hope to see you at one of our Market Days.

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