Girl On The Train: Review

By: Leanna Coleman


When the trailer was published for the infamous best-seller book, The Girl On The Train, hundreds of excited readers couldn't wait. The trailer seemed a representable version of the book, and each time I watched, the enthusiasm I had for the book increased. It worked so well as the trailer didn't give any hints away.

Firstly, I have to point out the disappointment on behalf of most viewers and myself, due to the fact director Tate Taylor, set the film in America. Paula Hawkins set the book in London and for me, the difference of areas was a let down. It didn't really make sense that Rachel was British and everyone else American.

Apart from that, the film was incredible nonetheless. It built adrenaline throughout, and for those who hadn't read the book previously, left them in agony for what happened to Megan Hipwell. I cannot say myself but I am sure that once the murderer was revealed (spoiler) Tom, it shocked its audience. Particularly because they tried to hang the motive on Rachel.

Rachel's character was played magnificently at an emotional level. She connected with the audience through a style that searched for empathy. She sure got that.

The film excluded many minor details from the book, but that's always the case. I believe it was the best they could have made it and I hope a lot of people agree.


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