National Demo: United for education

By: Malin Hamilton


Thousands of people from across the UK marched through Central London in a protest for free education and to halt cuts.

Over 15,000 students, lectures and college workers attended the demonstration, organised by The National Union of Students (NUS) and the College Union (UCU), against the government to receive free, quality education for everyone.

The president of the NUS, Malia Bouttia, 29, from Birmingham said: “The whole of our education is in crisis and we’re here to say that we’re here to defend it. […] [Education] is a right and not a privilege!”

Protesters, ‘refusing to be ignored’, were holding signs, which said: “No fees, no cuts, no debt” and “Education is a right, not a privilege”. 

Speakers such as activist Owen Jones and Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack expressed their opposition to the Higher Education Bill, which allows universities to increase their tuition fees.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared in a video supporting the campaigners.



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