Review: Paul Van Dyk @ The Gallery, Ministry of Sound

By: Benji Philips

Paul Van Dyk played at Ministry of Sound last weekend and it was epic. Okay, so I can’t be 100% accurate on that. I only caught the second half of his set as my friends in the UKTS were hosting one of the rooms that night, which, in itself, was epic. They killed it! But I digress... after his nasty fall at ASOT festival Utrecht in February, I’ve seen PVD 3 times, and this was by far the best.

The Box was absolutely packed, and my god did he put on a show. Not one for getting on the mic or being showy, Van Dyk took the crowd on an emotional and awesome journey, choosing tracks that blended perfectly and at the right times completely changed the energy in the room with a surprise number. Truly he showed everyone there why he is still one of the leading names in dance music!

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