By: Leila Benafia


I sit in bed

The warm summer nights are now disappearing,

Replaced by only the cold chill of the autumn air.


I watch from my window,

As the brown, golden, red and orange leaves fall from

The trees that were once green with life.


I sit in bed,

Wrapped in warmth.

Channels on the television have changed

There is no summer romance,

It's filled with autumn last kisses and winter breakups.


I sit in bed,

A blanket covering my body

To keep me warm beneath the icy cold air

I can start to see my breath 

In the air as I breathe.


I fall asleep

To the sound of rain hammering at my window

The coloured leaves are everywhere now.

The warm summer nights are gone,

Instead, the cold chill of autumn

Fills my lungs and rattles my bones.


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