You've Been Trumped!

The elections are over and America has once again managed to shock the world by electing Donald Trump as president. Despite winning the popular vote, Hilary Clinton didn’t get the majority vote from where it really counted: The mysterious and elusive Electoral College.

In the days that followed the election, Facebook was flooded with angry Clinton supporters and citizens from around the world that were just bewildered at how exactly a man like Donald Trump became president.

Between the rants and reposts of protests going on in America, there were some that decided to see the humour in it all. In true millennial fashion, the best way to really express our distain while also putting a smile on our face is with a classic meme.

Many people decided to reflect on all the cool things Obama has done over his 8 years as president, and his bromance with his VP Joe Biden. In a matter of days the memes became so popular that multiple dedicated Instagram post were being created.

It just goes to show, that even when things aren't looking up up, the sun isn't shining, your' first student loan instalment has run out, and Donald J. Trump is now president.... theres always something to smile about.

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