Worth The Hype? Molly's Bakes Freakshakes: Review (Part 1)

By: Gabi Terblanche

If you’ve been keeping up online as I’m sure most of you have, you’ll have seen the Freak shake storm that swept Australia making its way to London. The shake was originally created by Gina Petridis at the Pâtissez Patisserie café in Manuka. The Freakshake phenomenon began its journey in June 2015, when they decided to transform the traditional idea of the humble milkshake into the crazy awesomeness that it is today.

The only way to describe these shakes is milkshake meets ice cream Sunday meets your favourite snack. Add a little awesome and crazy for extra pizzazz and you kind of got it. Each Freakshake has its own theme and is carefully brought to life not lacking in flavour or its unique look.

By now I guess you’re wondering where you can get the most authentic Freakshake experience in London? Well Buzzfeed guided me to at Molly’s Bakes in Dalston, and at £8 a shake you would speculate that as a poor student you would be getting a good deal for your money.

Now don’t get me wrong, the flavouring and look of the shakes were amazing. There was a wide range of choice in terms of flavours such as raspberry, caramel,  chocolate and peanut butter. And you could choose which topping you preferred, be it cookie or brownie. All came with a sweet toasted marshmallow on top that simply melted in your mouth. Although i didn’t get mine in a mason jar they still decorated my little cup beautifully… But I guess I was expecting more. I was kind of expecting it to be a blend of milkshake and ice cream similar to and ice cream float, with the ice cream at the top and the milkshake at the bottom, but it wasn’t! It was mostly just the milkshake standing alone with a few decorative pieces on top.

The whole vibe of the café was really sweet, I liked their use of design in terms of how they displayed their products, especially their drawings on the chalk boards. The staff were extremely friendly and cheery, and we didn’t have to wait long to be served at all. Molly’s bakes is a lovely café to visit if you’re interested in trying  something a bit different in London. But was the Freakshake really worth the hype for £8 on a student budget?

I'd give it a 3 out of 5 stars. It was good but it could have been bigger for the price. I wouldn't be found at Molly's Bakes on just any day, but perhaps on day out with friends, and certainly after payday.The Freakshakes were good but like anything, things can be improved and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of constructive criticism. For the £8 I suppose I got great service, a blend of different flavours, a nice atmosphere, and an amazing instagram picture.

Check out Molly's Bakes online and have a look at all they have to offer!




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