Worth The Hype? Freakshakes at home (Part 2)

Continuing on with my Worth the Hype series, I decided to get a group of friends together to discover whether we could recreate Freakshakes ourselves at a fraction of the cost. We bought all of our ingredient from Asda

My first attempt was to see if I could recreate a green smoothie but give it the same characteristics as a Freakshake. Partly this was due to the fact that I’m trying to be more healthy in my day to day life,  although taking a green smoothie and essentially adding ice cream, whipped cream, a layer of bananas, and topping it with green chocolate drops probably didn’t do this pursuit of health any justice… But boy was it delicious. 


I took a basic green smoothie recipe – 

Spinach - £0.75

Kale - £0.75

Bananas (5pk) - £0.80

Almond milk (1L) - £1.59

 Ice cream (2L) - £2

White chocolate - £0.80

To create the look of this green shake I blended the ingredients together and added ice cream to the top. I stuck the spinach around the jar by melting the white chocolate and smearing it around the rim, then added spinach leaves.

My friend Ruth’s version was based on Banoffee pie (see middle freakshake). She decided to take inspiration from other Freakshakes, and as Banoffee pie was her favourite dessert she couldn’t help but want to recreate it in Freakshake form!!! 

Hers was made by blending together

Caramel sauce and chocolate sauce - £ 1.30

Bananas - £0.80

Milk - £1.59

 Layered at the bottom were bananas which sadly didn’t show through. It was then topped with cream, and decorated with a biscuit and a slice of banana, combined with chocolate sprinkles. Originally she wanted to create a swirled pattern in the glass, but the bottle of chocolate sauce wouldn’t allow her to do that. Perhaps next time we could try using piping bags. 

Our last two combinations were a Ben and Jerry’s brownie and cookie dough Freakshake and a chocolate and vanilla Malteaser Freakshake. I loved my use of decoration with the brownie and cookie dough Freakshake. I used Nutella to stick heart shaped marshmallows around the outside, topped it with cream, and added a brownie and a cookie, which I stacked on top of each other. This extra height added flare to the design, making the Freakshake almost like a centrepiece. To the actual Freakshake itself I added more brownies, making it even more chocolatey. 

Brownies - £1

Marshmallows - £0.70

Malteasers - £0.60

 The malteaser Freakshake was made with a combination of vanilla ice cream, malteasers, and milk. Topped with whipped cream and decorated with a crown of malteasers plus chocolate shavings. I really enjoyed this combination, it had just the right about of chocolate without being too sweet and the texture of the malteasers really added to it. The flavouring of a Freakshake really shouldn’t be too complex in my opinion, definitely sticking with one theme and maybe one or twoflavours throughout seems to create the best results.

The mess all this made might have been a 5 year olds paradise. Which got me to thinking that things which are becoming current at the moment, seem to reflect a sense of nostalgia around childhood. Are businesses taking things/experiences from our childhood and recreating it for the sake of profit? For example The Cereal Killer Cafe in Shoreditch basically sell cereal and mixes them together with a few extra bits, apparently. Those are the kinds of things we all used to do as children, when did they become so commercialized? That’s definitely something I’m going to be exploring when I go to review that place, so stay tuned for that guys!!!

So really all in all, we payed less than we would have for two Freakshakes at Molly's Bakes for all of our ingredients. Buying things in a group is much better for bringing the cost down as well. Id say i would choose to make my own Freakshake over buying on a\s you can be as creative as you want AND theres plenty of left overs. Not to mention its always fun doing exciting new things with your friends.

Stay tuned for other reviews, recreations, and genially other awesomeness!

Blog posts on my Testimony, Uni Drinking culture and my adventures in Spain coming soon!!

Stay Blessed Guys



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