Fresh Network is made up of a triad of media mediums; radio, television and magazine. Fresh Air Radio, Fresh TV (which will now concern YouTube in a much greater capacity) and Fresh Magazine. 

This year, we are aiming to get even more students involved in Fresh Network - we want our students to drive our media forward and create new and unique content across all three mediums. We want our students to have a greater hand in how Fresh Network is run, what content is produced and created and how that content is made. Articles, videos, podcasts, music playlists — we need all of these and much more.

There are loads of opportunities to get involved, each one offering the chance to heighten strengths, improve weaknesses, add new skills and have fun creating content for Fresh Magazine and getting your work out there.

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Fresh network members roles


This job is more fun than it is hard and you’ll walk away with a fantastic CV, if you apply yourself. The work may be hard to manage so it is vital that you have great organisational skills and do to leave things to the last minute. The RSU are trying to reinvent themselves, so there may be a lot of first time events and requests, which should be an exciting venture and something you should look forward to.

As time goes along you’ll realise that it’s actually very hard to get students involved, especially if they are third years. My advice would be to set consistent goals and be unafraid of chasing people up who have said they will do things to help you. Perseverance will be key, as will persistance and a knack for problem-solving.

You’ll realise quickly that you have the freedom to run with your own creativity and initiative, which, again, should be an exciting thing for you. If you have an idea for a new show or you want to put on an event, just go for it. You will have free rein in many ways, so take advantage of this so you can fully utilise whatever ideas or plans you might have. One good idea might be to put on an event for Fresh Network members; this would be a nice way to team-build and reward all of the good work we are all chosen students will put into Fresh Network. It would also allow each department to interact with one another and perhaps work could be crossed over and new ideas created from this.

Find two or three (or maybe even more) people that you can count on to get things done. If you have reliable people around you, everything will run much more smoothly for you. You need to build a good team around you who will hard work and will contribute.

You’re going to work closely with Jonas, the Communications Coordinator. Make sure you know what he is doing and learn from him. If you see that he is doing something on Snapchat or filming something, try to be there and watch to learn. You might not have the chance to learn first-hand again.

Set yourself deadlines and goals. For example, each month you should learn a new aspect of an adobe app, or apply a new editing skill to a video if you are trying to learn to edit. You will need to be very self-motivated and enthusiastic. You will also need to have good leadership skills in order to encourage everyone else on the Fresh team to learn and apply something new each month.


Previous Fresh Network things to improve and continue:

1.     Round Up: Students get most of their information online so it’s important that you try and engage with them that way. Round Up is a 60 second show run by the tabs to let students know what’s going on around campus that week. This should be weekend.

2.     Fresh Squeeze: This is basically the same thing as Round Up; only students host it instead. Remember, you want student participation. You can rotate the hosts or stick with the same one.

3.     Sports Show: It’s a good idea to have a sports show but you’ll have to stay on top of them and have a real structure. 



Freshers are going to want to get involved in something fun. During Freshers Week, hand out the last magazine issue (Fresh Mag Vol. 2) for students to take with them. Have someone at the table and another person recording Freshers Week. It would be a good idea to have a video for the entire week so students coming in the second term can see what Freshers Week is like.

The more videos that you make with students in them, the better. Those students will tell their friends about it and they will want to get involved. Try to get them involved with big events like jail break, take me out, or any big event that’s going on around campus.

Having one good poster that stays up in a permanent spot is ideal. Have one in all the major social spaces: Digby Diner, Union Bar, Reef, Library.

Make sure the magazine is more or less ready for print at least 2 weeks before it should be delivered. The best way to get the magazine to students is to hand them out to students at big events or ticket sales. Make sure there are magazines in Southlands Queen Building. That is where all the writing/media students study.

Engage more with societies. For example, perhaps a cooking show with the Japanese or Caribbean societies, or any other ideas you have with any of the societies. Get a society to write or talk about the things they like and engage with them and get involved with them; the Disney society has a radio show, for example. Make sure each magazine is interactive. The last magazine had a top 100 movie list, that’s something students can do with their friends and doesn’t require much thinking. And its fun. Make sure you're looking at other magazines for inspiration about this. It's ok to take ideas and use them to see if it works for Roehampton students.

By the end of your internship you should be able to create videos with effects, make a magazine from scratch, and have the radio run more or less on its own.

Have a goal each week. For example, 2 radio shows, 4 articles, 2 YouTube videos.



Head of Social Media for Fresh Network

A primary part of this role will be to assist the network manager. To make sure there is constant engagement with the students, you must be in constant contact with the Fresh Network Manager. You will decide where all the videos, articles and radio shows will be posted. You are more or less the marketing manager for Fresh Network.

There is always a new social media app or game that becomes popular. Work with Jonas and Chris to make sure there is always content. For example, we did a video featuring RSU staff of all of us playing the Chicken Scream game when it first came out. Things like this are fun to watch; not everything has to be informative.

Learn to use Hootsuite. Even if you don’t ever work the social media for the university, it is still essential for you to learn how to use it, just in case you are needed. During big events like Freshers, B.A.M.E. or Summer Ball, it may be helpful to have a second person that can work the social media outlets.

If you are going to create an Instagram, make sure it features radio, TV and magazine content equally. It would also need to stand out from the university's Instagram, as well as the RSU's. Make it unique. Additionally, creating a Snapchat account for Fresh Network could be a great idea. If you do, select a few people (including yourself) across the Fresh Network team to run the Snapchat and post things, no one else. If you want a student outside of Fresh Network to takeover Snapchat for a day as a guest, make sure you trust them. You don't want inappropriate posts and content on your Snapchat, or any other platform for that matter.

Work with Jonas and Chris closely when it comes to social media and learn from them. Because FreshNetwork is for students and will basically be run by students, you have a bit more freedom to do what you like in terms of content, but make the most of the experts such as Jonas and Chris. You will learn more and the content you produce will be of a higher quality.

There should always be something about Fresh Network on the TVs around campus. They are a great way to get the word out about Fresh. You don’t have to change what’s being shown on them too often, but having 2 or 3 to alternate from is a good idea. Work with Fresh TV with this. The TVs around campus are a great way of publicising your work.

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